About the Author

John Dennis Hannigan was born of Irish decent in Boston, Massachusetts on April 19th 1935.  He graduated from Hyde Park High School Class of 1953.  He had hoped to go to the University of Massachusetts on a sports scholarship but was declined.  The Korean War was still going on so he went into the Massachusetts Army National Guard as a radio operator/driver for the Battalion Commander of the 101st Field Artillery Battalion.  Later, transferring to the 26th Division Military Police, he was looking for a possible career in police work.  He was honorably discharged from the National Guard on November 15th 1953.  The next day he enlisted in the Army for a career.

During basic training, he was approached by the Army Security Agency for duty rather than being in the infantry.  He was accepted and after basic training was sent to communications training as an intercept operator and a cryptographer.  Upon graduation, he was assigned to Army Security Agency Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.  After he reported in for duty he was assigned to the National Security Agency in the communications branch.  Completing this tour, he was again assigned for additional communications training. The next training was in the field of maintenance of teletypewriter equipment and analog cryptographic equipment. 

Upon graduation, he was assigned to Army Security Agency Pacific at Ogi Camp, Japan.  Upon signing in the Ogi Camp, he was reassigned to Korea for one year.  His tour initially included working for the 508th Army Security Group, Yong Don Po, and then transferred to the 321st USASA BN in Uijongbu.  Korea was still a active war zone but the armistice was still holding on.  Upon completion of his tour in Korea, he returned to Army Security Agency Headquarters and once again assigned to the National Security Agency in their communications branch.  Completing his tour, he was transferred back to the Army Security Agency for assignment in Eritrea and Ethiopia on the east coast of Africa.

Reporting into Kagnew Station in Asmara, Eritrea, Ethiopia, he was assigned to Operations Company and was the Operational Site Supply Sergeant.  Later in his career he was assigned to Headquarters Company and worked in the Base Signal Supply Depot.  Completing his tour of duty in October 1962, he once again was assigned to Headquarters Army Security Agency in Arlington, Virginia.

Reporting in to Headquarters Company, he was assigned to the base supply.  During his tour, he was transferred to a special unit training for embassy duty.  My wife was hospitalized on December 6, 1963 and passed on December 12th 1963. He finished his Army career in October 1964.

The day after his military career was finalized, he changed clothes but continued to work in industry as a Government contract employee until his final retirement in August 2005. He continues to live in northeast Indiana with his wife, of 40+ years, two daughters and their families.